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Oxymetholone – Benefits and Side Effects

Most athletes and even ordinary people who are engaged in body building activities would go for supplements to get a better result. One of the widely used steroids is oxymetholone. It is commonly called Anadrol, this is actually its brand name. This is available in different parts of the world. Here are some of its common benefits:

Muscle growth

In order for the muscle to grow, exercise and cardio trainings are not enough. Oxymetholone can be a great help for this. Even for malnourish people, this can be a great help for them to gain muscles. Many have been using the product and have testified about its effectiveness.


Treatment of some diseases

It has been proven that people who are suffering from anemia can be strengthened with the use of oxymetholone. It can also be a used for treating HIV. And aside from that, it can help patients who are having a hard time gain weight and are experiencing malnutrition.

Oxymetholone can give different benefits but there are also side effects that can be observed especially if you are using it for a long period of time. Here are some of the noted side effects of the product:

It can affect the mood

Just like other steroids, there are some effects to the way the person feels. Oxymetholone can cause depression, it can also trigger anxiety. Aside from that, there are cases when the user would experience headache. For some, they complain about not being able to sleep at night and worse, it can also give you the feeling of restlessness.

It can cause uneasiness to the user especially for women

There are other side effects that can be experienced by women who are using the product. One of the most common is acne. During menstrual periods, women can also experience cramps and dizziness. It can enhance the male hormones in the body. If you have prolonged the use of oxymetholone, you will see changes in your voice and even growing hair under the chin.

It can be a cause of more serious diseases

If you have been using this product for a very long time, there is a tendency for you to develop more serious diseases. It can affect the liver and it can also be a cause of hepatitis. With this, the user needs to regularly check on his overall health while using the product. The liver suffers most and this is why liver test is also recommended.

The responsible use of any supplement is needed especially if you intend to use it long term. Knowing the benefits and the side effects will help you regulate the use of products. Using oxymetholone can be helpful in body building but it also requires holistic approach in maintaining health. One has to consider eating the right food that can also support the body during workout. Getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help you do away with more serious diseases that you can experience because of taking supplements.